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Please PM NearTheStars if you're interested in joining! Thank you.



1.) You must be literate.
I understand that sometimes we're silly or do little chatplay things or whatever but when being IN character and IN roleplay format I would prefer literacy. At least as much as you can manage. (:

2.) No GM, PP, etc.
No killing/injuring/etc. without permission. Also no mythological creatures. And no mary/gary-sue actions or characters either please.. to be sure you don't have this please take this quiz.

3.) Submitting characters.
Characters submitted may either be performers in the circus, or
even a crazy fan of the show who tags along with them. For
anything you're unsure about just PM Near and get it worked out.

4.) Limits on characters.
No current character limits :)

5.) Limits on curse words.
As of now, I have no limits here. Don't give me a reason to make
one and things should be just fine. Keep in mind that some people
are opposed to strong language, even in roleplay, and be respectful
of that. (If anyone has an issue with this message Near.)

6.) Limits on violence.
This one is tricky simple because I can't cut off every piece of
violence or we won't have a roleplay. Blood, guts, the whole shebang
is allowed. But please refrain from going into detail about it for the
sake of your fellow roleplayers. (Me being included!)

7.) Limits on romance.
This one is simple. No sex whatsoever while other roleplayers are
present, just issue a time-skip or even take it to PM if you must.

8.) Be respectful and polite to others.
Manners, please! Don't make me have to make a warning system
or even have to BAN members for any amount of time.

9.) OOC.
Please use some form of OOC when using the roleplay forum,
whether that be ( ), { }, (( )), or whatever you'd like. c:



In this world, things called Animaux exist. They were supposedly created by the gods, beings of both man and animal, which would become ultimate weapons. Being the god of all mischief, Loki decided he would rid the gods of their weapons, and released all of these creatures to Earth as babies. Many were destroyed; people thought they were dangerous and that their world had no use for such creatures. And as for the others, they were sold off the Black Market to people who believed them to have "value". Often times these babies didn't have their animal attributes when they were born. They developed them as they grew up, scaring parents, and in most cases being hidden so that they wouldn't be destroyed as well.

What eventually becomes of many of the creatures is the same; they will work for Le Cirque Noir, or the Black Circus. These children are raised upon the idea that they're merely freaks, and that they don't deserve a normal life. Any who escape this life and try for a normal one don't last more than a few months. If they do, they live underground in cities where they can keep to themselves, and where they're free from tormenting and abuse -- or, that's the rumour. Something that most are convinced was come up with by some disturbed performer who wanted to get everyone's hopes up. And although it is fun to dream about most of the Animaux know better than to do something foolish; not when he is watching them...

Le Cirque Noir is run by a terrible man who cares for nothing but money. His performers are treated like animals, and are lucky to have their own rooms. Another rumour has it, though this one far more serious and not to be tested, that if any performer is to leave the grounds of the circus without permission they will have dogs set on them. And though one would think he or she could outrun some dogs, they might think again when they consider these dogs are in fact Animaux. No one has ever seen these dangerous things--aside from one. One of the guard dogs actually works at the circus, though he is quieter and gentler than his canine companions. Baron doesn't talk about the boss, though, or about the other dogs. He knows better than to get himself into this sort of trouble. The boss on the other hand, really has never been seen. He doesn't do his own circus duties--he has someone else do them for him.

This top performer is known as L'araignée, or Spider, and is most likely the best treated performer there. He detests others of his kind with a passion, and was placed as ringleader in the circus because the boss is convinced that he's the only one who would never try to escape him; well, that and, he knows how to get things done. Despite his name it is unknown to most performers that he is indeed an Animaux, claiming it is only a stage-name, and for the most part he is only kind to guests; all part of the act. It's rare for him to be nice to another performer but every once in a while he lets kind words slip... besides, even he loses his mind around here.

In fact with the dozens of performers loving to stir up drama and chaos it's a little hard not to go even the slightest bit mad--but that's part of the show, isn't it?



1927, United States. Currently traveling by train to Louisiana.


Underground Rumours...

Better keep a close eye with all of these rumours going around...


Looks like after their exit from the circus, Tyler and Spider have happened upon something performers have been dreaming about for years--the Underground.

While no one has any idea where the idea of The Underground truly came from, it is indeed very real. Once thought of as a rumour--or even a dream--to most performers, this incredible place has been right under their noses all along. Or rather, as it's name suggests, under their feet.

The Underground is a secret city that houses hundreds of Animaux, to keep them safe from anyone who would want to harm or use them on the outside. It is said that this is the only place an Animaux can exist peacefully; not to mention, get along with humans. Some Animaux families have human children, or a human spouse. Even human parents have moved in to keep their children happy and safe.

The community is said to be spreading, slowly but surely, and always developing new ways to keep it's inhabitants well-protected. The city has gone unnoticed for over a decade. It's founder is an older man, human, who resides there with his wife and young Animaux son; Gabriel. They are very welcoming, but also very strict. If they sense their way of life may be in danger, the consequences aren't pleasant... while their intentions are pure, the people of The Underground are very on edge with visitors. The city is under protection by their own, very protective army, to make sure that outsiders aren't looking to corrupt what they've worked so hard to achieve.

If you'd like to make a character for the Underground, the form is now available under the characters tab. I'd like to see you guys bring things back to life a little! c: Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
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